UTI, prophylaxis

Some Antimicrobials for Prophylaxis of UTI

Antimicrobial Dosage

TMP in combination with SMX 2 mg of TMP, 10 mg of SMX per kg as single bedtime dose or 5 mg of TMP, 25 mg of SMX per kg twice per week. Avoid in infants < 3 mos of age and G6PD deficiency
Nitrofurantoin 1-2 mg/kg as single daily dose. Avoid in infants < 3 mos of age, G6PD deficiency, renal insufficiency. Causes gastrointestinal upset
Sulfisoxazole 10-20 mg/kg divided every 12 h
Nalidixic acid 30 mg/kg divided every 12 h
Methenamine mandelate 75 mg/kg divided every 12 h
Cephalexin 10 mg/kg/day. Drug of choice in first 3-6 mos of life