Transient Hypoglammaglobulinemia of Infancy
Also see B-cell defects

Problem: Delay in the maturation of B cells and antibody production

Presentation: Recurrent viral and pyogenic infections (OM, URI, sinusitis, rarely pneumonia) between 4-9 months of age

Trend of immunoglobulins in the serum of the fetus and nbn child (mg/dL)

  1. Maternal IgG: builds up in fetus to max 1000 mg/dL, then after birth quickly drops to <50 at age 4 mos and gone by 8 mos
  2. Infant IgG: rapid, almost vertical rise from zero in first two months of life then gradual increase
  3. IgM: gradual rise from third trimester through birth and infancy
  4. IgA: gradual rise from birth




Prognosis: Recovers spontaneously by 1-3 yo

CHLA Board review 2005