Torticollis, general


Histologically: dense fibrous tissue; may represent prenatal venous obstruction and muscle damage to SCM

Differential Dx and workup

Treatment for congenital torticollis

  1. passive stretching exercises by extending the neck and head over a table or motherís knee approximately 20 times, three times daily.
  2. positioning child's crib so that external stimuli cause child to turn head and neck away from the side of the deformity.
  3. If the problem does not resolve by age 6-12 months, the patient should be referred to Ortho.
  4. The deformity must be corrected before the ocular righting reflex is developed, between ages 5 to 6, or the child may not be able to maintain the correction because holding the head level may interfere with vision.

CHLA Board Review 2005