Primary Dentition

7 mos:  bottom central incisors
8 mos: top central incisors and bottom lateral incisors
9 mos: top lateral incisors
13 mos: all 1st primary molars
17 mos: all canines
22 mos: all 2nd primary molars (all teeth are in)

Permanent dentition

6 yo: 1st permanent molars
7 yo: bottom central incisors
8 yo: top central incisor, bottom lat incisor
9 yo: top lateral incisor
10: bottom canines, top 1st bicuspid
11: bottom 1st bicuspid, top 2nd bicuspid, top canines
12: bottom 2nd bicuspid and all 2nd permanent molars
19: 3nd permanent molars (wisdom teeth)

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