Syphilis, Congenital
also see TORCH

Onset of symptoms may be from birth to 3 months of age.

Common features:

Common late manifestations (appear > 2 yrs of age):

  1. Teeth -Hutchinson teeth (notched, pegged), mulberry molars
  2. Eye -interstitial keratitis
  3. Cranial nerves -8th nerve deafness
  4. Skeletal -frontal bossing, high arched palate, saddle nose (markedlydepressed bridge), saber shin (sharp-edgedanteriorlyconvextibia).
  5. Skin -rhagades(cracks, fissures atmucocutaneousjunctions)
  6. #1, 2, & 3 are part of Hutchinson’s triad

Extended discussion

Epidemiology (Treponema Pallidum):


Diagnosis: Serology

Other evaluation: CSF for VDRL, cell ct, protein; CBC; Long-bone films looking for periostitis

Evaluation of Asymptomatic infant. Work up if:

For Clincal sx’s:Dx supported by (+) serum nontreponemal test


Management - Treat if:



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