The Salter Classification:


  1. diaphysis: the central shaft of a long bone
  2. metaphysis: still in the central shaft of a long bone, but towards the end, where it widens and meets the physis
  3. physis: the growth center of a long bone
  4. epiphysis: the farthest, widened end of a long bone; the 'cap'


S - Slip of physis (Type I) - separation of the epiphyses due to fracture through physis
A - Above epiphysis (Type II): through physis then up through metaphysis
L - Lower than metaphysis (Type III): fracture through physis then down through epiphysis
T - Through physis (Type IV) - Through the three: epiphyseal plate, epiphysis, and metaphysis
R - Rammed physis (Type V) - crush injury of physis without fracture