In 1997 the AAP found no evidence to support the use of codeine or dextromethorphan to suppress cough. The American College of Chest Physicians recommend against OTC cough meds saying here is little, if any, benefit in the symptomatic control of acute cough in children. Advise that it is important to clear the secretions associated w/ illness.

Side effects: psedoephedrine (jitteriness), diphenhydramine (sedation), and opiates can cause respiratory depression even in small doses because children cannot metabolize these as well.

                                                                                        Ace:                                                       lbuprofen
10‑ 1 5mg/kg/dose                          5‑1 0mg/kg/dose
                                                                                      (‑5‑7mg/pound/dose)                        (3‑5mg/kg/dose)
Drops                                                                                  80mg/0.8mL                                 50mg/1.25mL
Syrup                                                                                   160mg/5mL                                   100mg/5mL
Chewable Tablets                                                               80mg, 160mg                                       50mg
Adult Tablets                                                                   
325mg tablets                        200mg, 400mg, 600mg
Suppository                                                                120mg, 325mg, 650mg

 Dropper = 0.8 mL

Note: Pepto Bismol has aspirin, nyquil has tylenol

Cold and Cough Medications

 Ps = Pseudoephedrine, Dex = Dextromethorphan, Chl = Chlorpheniramine, Gua = Guaifenesin, Ibu = Ibuprofen, Diphen = Diphenhydramine, Ace = Acetaminophen

Triaminic Cough / Ps (15mg/5mL) Dex (5mg/5mL)   <2yrs Ask MD,  2‑6yrs: 1 tsp, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Triaminic Cold and Cough / Ps (15mg/5mL) Dex (5mg/5mL) Chl (1mg/5mL)  <6yrs Ask MD,  6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Triaminic Cold, Cough and Fever/ Ace (160mg/5mL) Ps (15mg/5mL) Dex (7.5mg/5mL)  Chl (1mg/5 mL)  <6yrs Ask MD, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Triaminic Chest Congestion / Gua (50mg/5mL) Ps (15mg/5 mL)   <2yrs Ask MD,  2‑6yrs: 1tsp,  6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Triaminic Cold and Allergy / Ps (15mg/5mL) Chl (1mg/5mL)  <6yrs Ask MD,6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
TriaminicAM Non‑Drowsy Cough and Decongestant / Ps (15mg/5mL)  Dex (7.5mg/5mL) <2yrs Ask MD,  2‑6yrs: 1tsp, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Triaminic Cold and Nighttime Cough / Ps (15mg/5mL) Dex (7.5mg/5mL) Chl (1mg/5mL) <6yrs Ask MD, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp
Tylenol Infant Cold /Ace (160/1.6mL) Dex (5mg/1.6mL) Ps (15mg/1.6mL) <2yr (<24lbs): Ask MD, 2‑3yrs (24‑35lbs): 2 dropperfuls(dropper=0.8mL)
Advil/Motrin Cold / Ibu (100mg/5mL) Ps (15mg/5mL)  <2yrs (<24lbs): Ask MD 2‑5yrs (24‑47lbs): 1tsp, 6‑11 yrs (48‑95lbs): 2 tsp
Benadryl Allergy and Sinus  / Diphen (12.5mg/5mL)Ps (30mg/5mL)  <6yrs: Ask MD,6‑12yrs: 1tsp,>12yrs: 2 tsp     Dimetapp Cold and Cough / Bro (1mg/5mL)Ps (15mg/5mL) Dex (5mg/5mL)   <6yrs Ask MD, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp  > 12yrs 4 tsp
Dimetapp Cold and Allergy /Bro (1mg/5mL)Ps (15mg/5mL) <6yrs: Ask MD, 6‑12yrs: 2 tsp > 12yrs 4 tsp

Pediacare Decongestant Drops for Infants / Ps (7.5mg/1.6mL) <2yrs Ask MD, 2‑3yrs 2 dropperfuls (dropperful=0.8mL)
Pediacare Decongestant and Cough Drops for Infants / Ps (7.5mg/1.6mL) Dex (2.5mg/1.6mL)  <2yrs Ask MD, 2‑3yrs 2 dropperfuls
Pediacare Cold and Allergy /Chl (1mg/ 10mL) Ps (15mg/ 10mL)  <6yrs Ask MD, 6‑11 yrs 2 tsp
Pediacare Long‑lasting Cough Plus Cold for Children / Dex (7.5mg/5mL or 7.5mg/tablet ) Ps (15mg/5mL or  15mg/tablet) <2yrs Ask MD,2‑5yrs: 1tsp or 1tablet,6‑11 yrs 2 tsp or 2 tablets
Pediacare Multi‑symptom Cold for Children/ Dex (5mg/5mL or 7.5mg/tablet) Ps (15mg/5mL or 15mg/tablet) Chl (1mg/5mL or 1mg/tablet)<6yrs Ask MD,6‑ 11 yrs 2 tsp or 2 tablets
Pediacare Night Rest; Dex (7.5mg/5mL) s (15mg/5mL) Chl (1mg/5mL) <6yrs Ask MD,6‑11 yrs 2 tsp 
Tussin Cough Formula  / Gua (100mg/5mL) <2yrs 12mg/kg/day div q4h, 2‑6yrs:  1/2 tsp,6‑12yrs: 1‑2 tsp, >12yrs 2‑4 tsp
CF Cough Formula / Gua (100mg/5ml‑) Dex (10mg/5mL) Ps (30mg/5mL) <2yrs Ask MD, 2‑6yrs.‑.1/2 tsp, 6‑12yrs: 1tsp, 12yrs 2 tsp
Tussin DM / Gua (100mg/5mL)  Dex (10mg/5mL)  <2yrs Ask MD, 2‑6yrs: 1/2 tsp,6‑12yrs: 1tsp,>12yrs: 2 tsp
Tussin  PE  /Gua (100mg/5mL) Ps (30mg/5mL) Ps (30mg/5mL)   <2yrs Ask MD, 2‑6yrs: 1/2 tsp, 6‑12yrs: 1tsp, 12yrs 2 tsp
Only 5 major ingredients make up the majority of OTC medications: 

1. Anti‑pyretics: lbuprofen, Acetaminophen
2. Antihistamines: Chlorpheniramine, Bromopheninamine, Diphenhydramine
3. Decongestants: Pseudoephedrine, Phenylephrine
4. Expectorants: Guafenesin
5. Cough Suppressants: Codeine, Dextromethorphan, Diphenhydramine