Managing a Respiratory Code

1. open airway: head tilt/chin lift, or jaw thrust only
2. obstruction? FB, anatomy, secretions? Suction (Yankauer, a 5F cath passes through a 2.5 mm ETT)
3. think about non-tube airways: Oral, nasopharyngeal, LMA
4. If thinking of intubating, apply cricoid pressure and preoxygenate with 100% O2 for a few minutes, to replace nitrogen with oxygen in the patients functional residual capacity. During this time, set up equipment. If bagging for more than a few minutes, drop NG/OG to decompress stomach.
5. intubation equipment
6. intubate (maintain cricoid pressure)
7. drop an NG or OG-tube: size from nose-jaw angle-xiphoid (maintain cricoid pressure)