Hereditary angioedema (HAE, C1 Esterase inhibitor deficiency)
also see Complement deficiency



In this case, an otolaryngologist was consulted, and on direct rhinolaryngoscopy, the patient's airway was widely patent. As a precaution, she was admitted to the medical intensive care unit for observation, and an allergy specialist was consulted. The patient was ultimately given fresh frozen plasma, did not develop airway compromise, and had a good recovery from the episode.

For more information on HAE, see the eMedicine articles C1 Esterase Deficiency (within the Internal Medicine specialty) and Angioedema, Hereditary (within the Dermatology specialty).

Reference: Sim T, Grant JA. Hereditary angioedema: its diagnostic and management perspectives. Am J Med. 1990;88:656-64.