Breast Feeding

Contraindications to breast feeding:

Mom's diet: nutrient content of milk remains very constant, regardless of maternal intake, unless her own body stores become severely depleted. Drinking more fluid will not increase milk volume. If vegan and no vit b12, infant is at risk for b12 deficiency.

To increase milk supply: adeq sleep, decr stress, adeq fluids, (1 qt milk + 1 qt H2O/d), nurse @least q3 h during 1st few wks,pump for 10 min p ea feed

cross cradle - better positional control
football - csect,twins,large br,premature baby,better visualiz
side lying - csect,sleepy baby, NOC feeding,uncomfortable sitting
cradle - good p 1mo (better head control by infant)

Breast Milk, pros and cons
Feeding spurts